About Blair Carlisle

A Trusted Partner You Can Grow With

Blair Carlisle is a global leader in IT governance, compliance, and risk management. We help clients identify, quantify, and manage cyber risk to help them unlock new opportunities for growth.

Meeting the Demand for IT Risk Management and Assurance‚Äč

Blair Carlisle is a leader in the IT Risk Management industry. Our clients are able to focus on their business, while we solve the challenges to ensure security, compliance and resilience in the modern technology era.

Risk and opportunity

To gain global opportunities, managing risk is inherently necessary. Our goal is to convert risk to attainable opportunities and provide clarity for data driven decision making. Our experience provides important intel and security insight to make the next business move with confidence.

Who we work for

Confidentiality is of utmost importance and we do not identify clients as a matter of course. However, Blair Carlisle has propelled national and international businesses of every size to outstanding levels of security and compliance.

Our people

Our expertise reflects our diverse backgrounds as technologists, cyber experts, strategy consultants, auditors, and a host of other professions. It is this combination of skilled people based in multiple offices that makes Blair Carlisle a global leader in our industry.

Our Leadership Team

Pete Rife

President/CEO & Principal Consultant

Matt Burdick

Vice President & CISO

Brandon Lackey

Director & Principal Consultant

Steve Weiker

Director - Compliance and Risk Management

Dan Beckett

Executive Advisor, vCISO Leader & Principal

Vaughn Sizemore

Executive Advisor & Director of Client Relationships

Brian Ravencraft

Executive Advisor & Director of Finance

Stephen Smith

Executive Advisor & Director of Strategy

Jordan Matulevich

Cybersecurity Analyst II

Isaac Rife

Compliance & Audit Lead

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