Brandon Lackey
Director & Principal Consultant

Brandon Lackey is a 25-year IT and financial services industry professional with a demonstrated history of leveraging technology to gain business efficiency.  Over those 25 years, Mr. Lackey has held a myriad of critical and influential roles at places such as General Electric, Carolina Power & Light, First USA, Bank One, JPMC, and Symcor CA. 

Roles and responsibilities ranged from managing corporate-wide technology solutions servicing hundreds of thousands of users (both dev and infrastructure) to running a Day 1 and Day 2 processing center, which handled more than 1MM check payments daily with an annual operating budget of $6MM.  Mr. Lackey also ascended to the role of US Day 1 and Day 2 Product Manager for Symcor US after successfully migrating those same areas during the $1Bn Backoffice operations outsourcing deal with SunTrust. It is through these types of blended business and technology perspectives that Brandon has been able to continuously identify and marry opportunities with innovative technology solutions.

Having transitioned into the world of cybersecurity in 2011, Mr. Lackey found a natural home where the understanding of business risk and legacy technology practices were often in conflict.  Among his current fractional CISO engagements, he is the Chief Information Security Officer of a leading financial institution software vendor, where he was tasked with building a Security program, starting with a blank piece of paper. Over that period of time, Mr. Lackey has managed Security and Availability incidents to near zero, integrated many of the best practices or standards from NIST and ISO, completed multiple SOC2 Type 2 engagements without findings, and completely transformed the business operation to demonstrate and maintain the trust of the 700+ banks and credit unions.

Education and Credentials

  • BS Computer Science, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  • Certifications and Credentials: CISSP, CISA, CCSP, CRISC