ISO 27001 Certification Services

Healthcare information security risk are infinite, but your resources are finite. eHealth solutions, including cloud-based health information management systems bring risk that need Assessed.

We help organizations create a comprehensive approach to ISO compliance

Lack of compliance just looks bad, period. Consumers might choose an ISO-certified competitor over you. Failing to meet these important standards could place people’s safety at risk, or incur fines or litigation for your business and upstream partners.

While a completely voluntary certification, ISO 27001 has nevertheless become de rigueur, a seal of approval that says, “This business cares about Information security.” Three-year certification comes after a lengthy, two-stage audit of your enterprise’s information security management system, followed by yearly check-ups. That’s a lot of paperwork!

There is however, a path to certification. To obtain certification, Blair Carlisle will take your organization through the GAP Analysis, Risk Assessment, stage 1 audit, stage 2 audit, and surveillance audits following certification. Additionally, Blair Carlisle offers a pre-assessment, designed for organizations that will undergo the certification process for the first time.

Talk to Blair Carlisle about a customized cyber risk assessment and information security framwork for your organization.