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We Perform Ongoing Privacy Management and Assessment Services for Your Business

Blair Carlisle offers data privacy management and assessment services for businesses and web professionals concerned about regulatory compliance with GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Our custom privacy tools help companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to startups by providing the privacy management processes that they need to comply with the latest privacy laws as well as monitor and audit the performance of their processes and procedures.

GDPR and CCPA privacy management processes and policies  for businesses will be increasingly important as regulations increase around the world to protect consumers. Companies are going to be challenged by the different requirements of each privacy jurisdiction. It will become more important than ever that privacy management occurs programmatically rather than manually. This is particularly true for large companies which work with numerous websites and data sources.

The first phase in building a successful privacy management program is to review and identify gaps for all applicable regulations and to develop a remediation plan. Blair Carlisle offers consulting-led, technology-powered privacy assessment services. Our process is based on experience that has been refined over two decades of working with thousands of clients from all across the globe.

Privacy Roadmap

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There are many different components of a good data privacy management system. Some of the important features include:

Data Privacy Methodology

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