Risk Assessment as a Service

An information technology security risk assessment from Blair Carlisle can be used to develop future security strategy, investments and programs.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment Methodology from Blair Carlisle

A risk assessment is a critical part of identifying, mitigating and managing information security risk. Armed with a clear view of the risks facing your organization, you can more soundly tailor your information security program, optimize your technology and plan future spending to address threats successfully.

To be effective, a risk assessment must incorporate a 360 degree view of the organization’s information technology systems. Your assessment must be informed by in-depth knowledge of both the threat landscape and the technologies available to mitigate threats. And because third-party risk management is such an integral part of managing risk and compliance, any successful risk assessment must also include third-party risk.

Blair Carlisle can help. With a wealth of experts in a wide variety of cyber security disciplines, we can help develop and execute a risk assessment program and create a road map to guide security strategy, investments and programs.

Risk Management

At Blair Carlisle, we are committed to helping organizations plan, build and run successful risk management programs. We offer end-to-end cyber security solutions and services to help organizations define strategy and security standards, re-mediate risk, deploy technology and achieve operational readiness to defend against a myriad of threats. Our risk assessment services are part of a broader offering for managing and mitigating risk. Our experts provide access to the skills and services required to get the answers you need to address gaps, manage risk and allocate resources to better protect your organization.


Our information security risk assessment services include:

  • Assessing, identifying and modifying security posture to identify areas of weakness.
  • Documenting regulatory administrative, physical and technical safeguards.
  • Demonstrating compliance with regulations concerning protection of individual information, protected health information, credit card data and other sensitive information.
  • Assessing and managing third-party risk, including supplier risk management program development and discovery/categorization of third-party relationships.
NIST 800-171 CMMC

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