Steve Weiker
Director – Compliance and Risk Services

Mr. Weiker Co-Founded Hyper Active Inc. in 1990 specializing in writing software for software companies. HyperActive was acquired by HTP in 2005 which started Mr. Weikers journey in leading software development teams creating software products in the Healthcare industry. The first product Mr. Weiker led was the country’s first successful Regional Healthcare Information Organization (RHIO) that was rolled out for the entire state of Utah to allow Healthcare Providers and Payors electronically process insurance eligibility data in real-time and also real-time submission of electronic claims. Shortly after the release, over 93% of financial healthcare transactions in Utah were processed by this software. 

Mr. Weiker then led the same team to develop a cloud based Revenue Cycle Management product whose goal is to Accelerate Healthcare Reimbursements and Optimize Revenue from Registration through Collections for healthcare systems throughout the United States. Then success of this product led to HTP being acquired by McKesson in 2008 where Mr. Weiker continued to lead the fast growing Revenue Cycle products for the next 10 years. The product is utilized by thousands of hospitals processing more than 4 million transactions a day through a cloud-based software solution, including integrations with various 3 party cloud-based solutions. With McKesson being the largest healthcare provider in the world, Security and Compliance was always the #1 guiding principal in everything we developed.

 After leaving McKessen, Mr. Weiker was the CTO of 2 different healthcare startups where he also carried the Chief Compliance Officer title. Both startups involved full patient medical records in the cloud where security and compliance was also the #1 guiding principal for products developed. 

Mr. Weiker is excited to join Blair Carlisle where his years of security knowledge and implementations can be leveraged by small and large companies alike to ensure they are also in compliance with the most current industry standards.

Professional Background

  • Health in Motion Network, CTO 4 years
  • Olah Healthcare, CTO 3 years
  • Kicked Up Technology, Owner
  • McKesson, Sr. Director Software Development, 7 years
  • HTP, Director Software Development 3 years, acquired by McKesson
  • Hyper Active, Co-Owner 15 years
  • Board Member – Apprisen, Current